Yahoo faces the music, Apple vs Feds round II, Korean male cosmetics

What to watch for today

Yahoo faces its impatient investors. The embattled web giant reports its first quarter earnings. But all the attention will be on the bids that were due on Monday for its various assets, including stakes in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan.

Another round of Apple vs. the US government. Bruce Sewell, Apple’s general counsel, will testify before a House subcommittee alongside a top official from the FBI. The Feds are still trying to force the company to give law enforcement access to iPhones and other encrypted devices.

A high-profile meeting between China and New Zealand. After discussing business opportunities with Chinese executives in Beijing, New Zealand prime minister John Keys will meet with Chinese president Xi Jinping.

While you were sleeping

A bus bombing wounded 21 people in Jerusalem. Authorities said it was a terror attack, but no group claimed responsibility. The blast, which comes amid a number of stabbings and other violence, recalled the suicide bombings of the Palestinian uprising in 2000.

Google won a decade-long battle against book authors. The US Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal over Google’s digital library project, which involved the digitization of 20 million books. The court let stand a lower court’s decision that the project does not violate copyright law.

Malaysia’s controversial 1MDB fund is in default. An Abu Dhabi partner of the troubled Malaysian state development fund said it failed to make a $1.1 billion payment (paywall). Seven countries are investigating the heavily indebted fund, which is embroiled in a massive corruption scandal.

“The Coach” of Silicon Valley died. Bill Campbell was a longtime mentor and friend to CEOs including Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, and Steve Jobs. The former football coach, who passed away at the age of 75 after a long battle with cancer, taught tech leaders that leadership is more than deals and investment rounds.

A fan filed a class action suit against Kanye West and Tidal. The rapper and streaming music service are accused of duping listeners about West’s album being exclusively available on Tidal. The album is now streaming on Spotify and Apple Music as well.

Quartz markets haiku

No weekend bargain
Russians, Saudis and Iran
plan to keep pumping

Quartz obsession interlude

Hanna Kozlowska on the kids of incarcerated parents. “As the problem of over-incarcerating adults is gaining attention, the despair of their children remains. When it comes to national scale and severity of impact on a child’s life… the only period in US history comparable to our current era of mass incarceration is the Great Depression.” Read more here.

Matters of debate

Adulthood has nothing to do with age. Denied a chance at financial independence, 20-somethings are trapped in extended adolescence.

Hollywood superheroes equate power with whiteness. Two new films have erased compelling Asian characters.

Should social media prevent a Trump presidency? Facebook has the power to tilt an election.

Surprising discoveries

Piracy on the high seas is declining. As a result, maritime security firms are going out of business. 

Dolphins are helping the search for alien life. Studying their clicks and whistles could help us connect with extraterrestrials.

South Korean men are really into makeup. They make up 20% of the male cosmetics market.

Bottled water is overtaking soda. After years of slurping liquid sugar, Americans are opting for overpriced H20 instead.

Dinosaurs were going extinct long before that asteroid hit. For at least 40 million years, the number of species was slowly declining.

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