New: Quartz investigations 🔍

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Dear readers—

Join our open investigation into coordinated efforts to affect, confuse, and divide the US electorate ahead of the 2020 presidential election. 

We’re excited to announce the brand new Quartz Investigations team, created to help hold public and private institutions accountable for their choices and use of power. 

Quartz journalists will sort through troves of advertisements and other data to uncover buried leads with the help of Quartz AI Studio’s machine learning technology, audience participation and a vast global reporting experience.

Want to support these investigations? Here’s how.

  1. Help us monitor the campaigns, companies, governments, and actors involved in efforts to divide, mislead, mobilize and agitate.  What are you seeing in your social media feeds? Who is trying to get you to vote, and how?
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Erica Rallo,
Community manager