China’s “flying trains,” babies named Harvey, bitcoin’s plummet

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For the first time in modern history, three hurricanes in the Atlantic are threatening land at the same time.

The Atlantic experienced three concurrent hurricanes in 2010, with Igor, Julia, and Karl, but Julia never threatened land. This is the first time that three hurricanes have the potential to make landfall in on North America simultaneously.

Climate change is making hurricanes more powerful for longer periods of time. They need the energy from the warm, humid air above tropical oceans to keep up their strength. More warm weather brings stronger hurricanes. The potential for destruction is also greater because warmer temperatures mean moisture in the air, which causes more rain, higher flooding, and bigger storm surges.

Global warming is a long-term threat, yet research has shown that short-term concerns are what really motivate humans, which is why we should be actively talking about the effects climate change.

The sooner we start the conversation, the more people will see global warming as having a direct impact on natural disasters. Only then can start the next one: how to actually do something about it. —Molly Rubin

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