This week in membership: Your personal data, and your company’s culture

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We’re wrapping up our field guide about the brokers that harvest, package, and sell your personal data. Today, we take a look at wellness apps that collect sensitive data about your weight, health, and even sex life—and share it with other apps.

In case you missed it, here are the other posts for members this week:

  • On Monday, our state-of-play memo mapped out how the market for your personal data operates, its major players, and what’s being done to regulate it.
  • Tuesday, we took a deep dive into how targeted fake news sent through WhatsApp influenced Brazil’s election.
  • In an interview with Quartz published Wednesday, US senator Ron Wyden spoke about his efforts to protect personal data.
  • Thursday’s interactive feature lets you see how “anonymous” data can still point to an individual.


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Tina Sharkey cofounded Brandless with the goal of shaking up consumer goods—by stripping products of their “brand.”

In a new five-episode video series for Quartz members, Sharkey draws on her experience as a founder and an investor to offer tips on how to build a mission-driven company. In the first three episodes, Sharkey breaks down how to define your company’s purpose, hire for it, and build it into your company’s culture. In the fourth episode, she explains why leaders must pay attention to a  physical community. In the last video, she details the role that consumers play.

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