Season 2 of Because China 🇨🇳

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Small changes in China have huge effects worldwide. Chinese people are reshaping entire fields, from technology to education, science, and more. In our Because China series, Quartz’s video team has dedicated itself to tracing the path of China’s power as it spreads around the globe.

Today marks the launch of season 2 of this award-winning series, with a deep dive into the impact Chinese travelers are having on the global tourism economy. Chinese tourists made 150 million trips abroad last year and Quartz journalist, Isabelle Niu, chronicles how countries and companies are bending over backwards to woo them—from offering WeChat Pay in restaurants to redesigning hotel rooms and bars. But keeping up is a major challenge, as Chinese tourists and their tastes are evolving quickly. 

Members can watch episode one here

And don’t forget to catch up on the first season of Because China if you haven’t already watched it. Stories it covers include:

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