Throughout the course of creating Gandhi: The Beast Within, the duo never met, or even spoke over the phone or Skype. “It’s been purely e-mail or Facebook messenger,” said Michalski. “I think the first time he heard my voice was in the Kickstarter video.”

Michalski used to email the scripts. Rojo would mail the artwork back. After a point, Michalski stopped adding details to his scripts because he liked whatever Rojo would do. “He knew how the book should look better than I did,” Michalski said, “It was like we shared the same brain across the sea from New York to Spain.”

Now that the book is ready for shipping, do Rojo and Michalski consider how it would be received in India, where Gandhi is a revered figure? “The truth is that while drawing Gandhi: The Beast Within, I did not think about it,” Rojo said. “But now, I think it might be liked in India. Maybe, Gandhi: The Beast Within can be a real superhero in a film made in India. That would be great.” Michalski added that there will always be haters but “that’s life” for him. He is hoping that a superhero Gandhi will win over doubters. “The core of Gandhi is still there,” Michalski said, “But it just so happens that, in this universe, he has a little extra motivation to become a pacifist.”

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