Indians themselves don’t want to work in Indian companies

Making employees feel welcome.
Making employees feel welcome.
Image: Reuters/Vivek Prakash
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Indian companies are losing popularity among their employees even on home turf.

Only three homegrown firms made it to the top 15 in a recent ranking of the best places to work in in India. The ranking is based on the reviews submitted by visitors to, one of the world’s largest job portals. The companies are considered for the ranking based on their size, number of job openings, and economic influence at a national level.

This is the first time has released such a list for India, though it prepares global rankings regularly.

Among the three Indian firms in the top 15, two are public sector firms.

Even the top 50 were heavily skewed towards foreign companies as only 10 from India made it to the list.

These low rankings reflect Indian workers’ increasing tendency to consider a company’s culture while choosing jobs, though Indian companies don’t quite make the cut as yet.

“While compensation and job security are always top of mind for employees, we are seeing strong company culture and sense of community becoming just as much of a priority,” Sashi Kumar, managing director at Indeed India, said.