Mayo, sauce, onions, cheese: Indians will eat anything that comes “extra”

The big appetite.
The big appetite.
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Indians seem to have a preference for all things “extra” in their food.

Adding “extra sauce” is the most popular request made by Indians while placing an order on Uber Eats, the food delivery app of the American ride-hailing firm.

There are other similar requests, too: extra onions, extra mayo, extra cheese, and extra raita.

Uber Eats’ findings are based on an analysis of orders placed on the app between January and May 2019. The service is present in 38 Indian cities.

The food choices

People in different parts of India have varied food cravings, according to Uber Eats’ data. For instance, western cities of Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Surat order the highest number of “Jain dishes” (food prepared under the dietary restrictions in Jainism), while onions are a popular craving among southern cities such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Visakhapatnam.

But when it comes to late night (11pm-1am), there is only one winner across the country: Chicken biryani. Chicken fried rice and Mutton biryani are the other favoured late-night dishes.

Here’s what top cities in India ordered most on Uber Eats:

Summer drinks

Indians consume cool drinks ranging from old-favourite lassi to modern-day concoctions such as Oreo shake, Uber Eats said.

Ice cream is also a favourite dessert among Indians. Bengalureans love coconut-flavored ice-cream, while Mumbaikars love strawberry. Delhites gravitated towards Belgian chocolate whereas Mango was the most popular flavour among people in Pune.