Kavita Devi on the jobs that will define India’s future

Kavita Devi on the jobs that will define India’s future
Image: Khabar Lahariya
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With half of its population under 25 and the unemployment rate at four-decade high, India faces an uncertain future. The question on young people’s minds: what kinds of jobs will we have? Quartz asked leaders across India’s biggest industries about that one job in their company or field that will be the most crucial in the coming decades.

Journalism and publishing have seen a significant upheaval in the past decade. As with the trend globally, Indian newsrooms have had to adapt to the demands of a digital-first audience. Newspapers and magazines continue to soldier on despite job cuts. New digital offerings such as The Print, The Wire, and Scroll have established a loyal readership. The mobile-first MOJO Story and the AI-enabled Editorji platforms are taking this disruption further. Publishing, too, has seen the rise of notable literary agents as well as digital-first publishing houses such as Juggernaut.

Kavita Devi, the co-founder and editor of multi-language newspaper Khabar Lahariya, told Quartz:

I work at the grassroots levels in rural India, and that’s why I believe that it is very important for women from rural areas to become journalists. It’s important for them to be from all castes and religions, so they can report on all kinds of problems, and so that societies and the government would be more informed about real issues on the ground.

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