And, of all the people who came out in JNU’s support—or at least to condom, err, condemn Ahuja—self-styled youth icon Chetan Bhagat played some of the best shots. Besides being an IIT alumnus, this author of hugely popular books such as Five Point Someone and 2 States is also a product of another haloed Indian bastion, the Indian Institute of Management.

With this Bhagat-ian sweep, now it was the JNU-baiters who were squirming. With a hook here and a flick there, the author took them trolls head on.

Sometimes Bhagat’s cheeky singles turned icky, but he always connected the ball.

To be sure, this wasn’t the first time “India’s biggest selling English language novelist”, whose works often nonchalantly refer to casual sex on Indian campuses, had waded into sex, morality, and politics.

Perceived to have a bias for the right-wing and prime minister Narendra Modi, Bhagat recently surprised some sections with his take on the sexually deprived and crude bhakt—a derisive term for virulent, abusive Modi supporters.

“They (bhakts) are generally not good at talking to women,” Bhagat said. ”As a result, they are unlikely to know how to behave with them or woo them. They do desire women, but can’t get them. In other words, if I may say so, they are sexually frustrated with no way of getting it.”

The moustachioed Rajasthani legislator can take note.

Meanwhile, the “Lefty-loonies” at JNU can thank Ahuja. The 10,000 cigarettes, 2,000 wrappers of chips, 2,000 liquor bottles, 3,000 beer cans may just have made the institution simply irresistible to an entire new generation of “anti-national” youngsters.

There, strip dance to that!

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