One of the world’s highest-paid men quit his job and spent the day talking ​about it to normals

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Image: Reuters/Toru Hanai
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When senior leaders of global companies exit, the announcement is typically limited to a brief press release or a few interviews with selected media outlets.

But when Nikesh Arora, one of the world’s highest paid executives, announced his departure from Japan’s SoftBank, he took to Twitter.

Earlier today (June 22), SoftBank announced Arora’s exit due to his differences with the group’s founder and CEO Masayoshi Son about the latter’s succession plans. For hours after the announcement, Arora was live on Twitter answering questions from the press, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, and students, among others.


Arora is not new to Q&As on Twitter. One of the most sought-after investors in India, he often candidly engages with the startup community on the micro-blogging website, answering questions from entrepreneurs and addressing grievances from customers of his portfolio companies.

Here’s what he had to say today:

About India

Most of SoftBank Group’s investments in Asia’s third-largest economy occurred after India-born Arora joined the Japanese company. With his exit, people wonder if SoftBank will keep investing in India and what will happen to its current portfolio.

About the past

Despite criticism about his investment decisions in India, Arora regrets nothing.

Arora also explained why he quit SoftBank:

About the future

Arora hasn’t revealed his future plans, but he indicated on Twitter that he will return with a bang.

Given India’s vibrant startup community, it is perhaps time for the country to have its own version of Shark Tank, the American reality TV show where entrepreneurs make pitches to investors and get funding. Who better to host than Arora, someone asked: