It is true that men get away with being fat more often, though. The peer-reviewed academic studies show that women, especially, are shamed for being fat. That’s why you see tubby men with svelte wives, and not vice versa, on ‘90s laughtrack sitcoms. That’s why the “dad bod” is celebrated as a form of empowerment for modern men when it’s really another manifestation of male privilege. That’s why Donald Trump, even if he is overweight and possibly obese, was still elected president while Hillary Clinton was nicknamed “Cankles.” For women, being fat is considered a moral failing. For men, there are excuses. For Trump, there is a podium.

There is a lot to be concerned about with the Trump administration, but Trump’s weight is an irrelevant issue. Folks might shame Trump (and his administration) for what many consider to be his lying to the American public, for golfing on Martin Luther King Jr. Day (his predecessors did community service), or for making misogynistic and racist comments. For being fat? That doesn’t shame Trump. That only shames your average American, liberal or conservative.

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