The problem with micellar water no longer being a French secret is that, well, now you have so many more choices from around the world. And the best news is that they’re just as good as the French original. You can skip the trip to Paris and buy the Bioderma bottle—which is the gold standard beloved by makeup artists—from Amazon ($15) But my cheaper go-to version is UK-based Simple Cleansing Micellar Water ($8) at half the price. (I wear heavy makeup and sunscreen and it works.)

If you, like anyone who has been to Sephora, is a sucker for good packaging, I started using New Zealand-based Girl Undiscovered Under the Water Crystal Cleansing Water ($42), which is a gold-tinted formula with two small crystals, rose quartz and citrine, inside the bourbon bottle. It so groovy, you could probably accessorize at Coachella with it. Australia-based Crop Micellar Water ($16) is made with vitamin E and aloe vera, and doubles as a post-cleansing toner if you prefer using something lathering first. And the last time I took a trip, I brought a travel-size bottle of Alba1913 Galenic Cleansing Micellar Water ($32), which contains hyaluronic acid and doubles as a rudimentary serum.

Lately though, I’ve been too lazy to squeeze formula onto cotton pads. But thank goodness, Korean beauty comes to the rescue again: first thing in the morning, before I’ve had coffee, I wipe my face with The Crème Shop Clear This Way Micellar Pre-Wet Towelettes ($8). No water, no problem.

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