Tiffany Haddish rocked that same Alexander McQueen dress from SNL at the Oscars

Working it.
Working it.
Image: invision/AP Photo
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Tiffany Haddish is seriously getting her money’s worth out of that $4,000 white Alexander McQueen gown she wore on the Girl’s Trip red carpet for the movie’s July premiere.

Though the comedy that was a breakout role for Haddish didn’t win her a nomination, to the disappointment of many, Haddish certainly wasn’t missing from the festivities. And neither was the dress, which she immortalized in her November Saturday Night Live host monologue, saying it had cost more than her mortgage and she intended to wear it often.

She rocked the white sheath with a jeweled collar onstage at the Dolby Theater, as a co-presenter for the best animated and live-action short film with actress Maya Rudolph. The two injected some much-appreciated humor into the 90th annual Oscars. Indeed, the chemistry between Haddish and Rudolph was so striking that Twitter was immediately awash with people casting them as Oscars hosts next year.

Haddish noted in her SNL monologue that her entire team had cautioned against wearing the garment again, saying wearing the same dress to more than one high-profile event was “taboo.”

“I feel like I should be able to wear what I want, when I want, however many times I want,” Haddish joked—”as long as I Febreze it!”

It’s easy to guess what the comedian will wear if the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences comes calling, either with an award or an invitation to host: The dress. She’ll wear it if she gets married, if you invite her to your wedding, even in her final resting place, she promised in her SNL monologue:

If I die—which I hope I never do, I hope I live forever—but if I die—and even if I become fat as hell, If I’m the biggest, fattest, I don’t care—when I’m laying in that casket, guess what’s gonna be laying on top of that fat-ass body? This dress.