There are some potential reasons for the perceived lack of interest on one side of the pond and the spike on the other. In the UK, the government opted not to give Britons a public holiday in honor of Meghan and Harry’s marriage. This is standard for a royal who is not in direct line to the throne, but it would’ve been the only surefire way that the activity of royals would harbor good will amongst their subjects. In addition, the ceremony is Windsor, not in London, meaning buzz in the capital is less than it was for Will and Kate’s (for which Britons got a Friday off). Finally, there is the significant swath of Britons who, far from seeing Saturday as a fairy tale, are against the concept of the monarchy altogether.

Meanwhile, in the US, the Americans finally have a skin in the game, one who is not only a famous actress but a norm-breaking mixed race one at that. In addition, says a source told the Guardian, the popularity of Netflix’s series The Crown primed audiences for a renewed interest in the Royal Family. And perhaps most of all? In this moment of endless Trump news, everyone might just be desperate to tune into a current event that is not politically divisive in tone.

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