The Monster Mash was banned for 11 years by the BBC for being “too morbid”

The guests included Wolf Man, Dracula, and his son.
The guests included Wolf Man, Dracula, and his son.
Image: AP Photo/Jens Meyer
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The Monster Mash is the song of Halloween. It’s spooky, catchy, and much like your costume, it was put together in less than an hour.

However, the UK’s BBC didn’t share that opinion when the song was released in 1962, banning it from the airwaves on the grounds that it was “too morbid,” the organization wrote in a story last year. As the ban was instated, the Monster Mash climbed to top the Billboard charts before Halloween in the US in 1962, staying on the charts for 14 weeks.

But the ban was eventually reversed in 1973, 11 years after the song was released. That year, it went to number three on the UK charts, and number 10 on the Billboard charts again, only fitting for a graveyard smash.