A coven of paddleboarding witches took over an Oregon river for Halloween

Broomsticks are so 1324.
Broomsticks are so 1324.
Image: Twitter/Tristan Fortsch/KATU News
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A serene site greeted Oregonians yesterday evening as hundreds of witches (and wizards) took to the Willamette River in Portland for a group paddleboard session. The coven was in full witch garb as they swanned down the river, most sporting pointed hats and black robes with stuffed black cats strapped to their boards. Some even showed up Oz-style with green-painted skin:

This is the second year “Standup Paddleboard Witch Paddle,” has taken place. This year, participants donated clothes and coats to several Oregon charities for the winter.

Whether all of the witches are part of a genuine coven (which wouldn’t be surprising considering the growing population of US witches) is unclear.

Spooky or super chill? In any case, paddleboarding is harder than it looks, and it doesn’t look like any of these folks fell into the water. Perhaps they used a spell to stay balanced.