And in the age of the influencer economy, social media stars who are paid to suggest we could all be riding jet-skis with the Hadid sisters off the coast of a private island are a pretty perfect metaphor. We need new language to describe not only the failure of the reality to live up to that expectation, but the glee the rest of us feel in witnessing it. And who could say it better than this sad cheese sandwich in a styrofoam box?

We can now look forward to using this handy term to refer to the Fyre Fest of dates (witty and charming in DMs but a handsy, drunken mess IRL); the Fyre Fest of politics (Brexit, with Theresa May as Ja Rule); and the Fyre Fest of fashion trends (when it’s a thing on social media, but you’ve never once seen it on the street).

“Giving something a name can give us a shorthand to reference a complex concept, and that’s really powerful,” Jane Solomon, a lexicographer, recently told Quartz’s Annaliese Griffin. “Without that word, people might not be talking about that concept; they might not have the language to frame that concept.”

Solomon added that once a word or term is adopted by popular culture, its definition will inevitably evolve. So the Fyre Fest of college dining halls (an over-hyped student center that’s liable to disappoint) might not be as literal a usage as the Fyre Festival of pizza (an actual $74 pizza festival that failed to provide sufficient pizza). That doesn’t mean it’s incorrect! Keep on Fyring off those metaphors.

Herewith, a sampling of Fyre Fest metaphors, out in the wild:

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