A four-year-old reviews the “Frozen II” trailer: “Elsa looks like fear!”

The cold still doesn’t bother me anyway.
The cold still doesn’t bother me anyway.
Image: Disney
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Disney’s animated film Frozen was a stone-cold smash in 2013, earning nearly $1.3 billion at the box office while also spawning a Broadway adaptation—not to mention a baby-naming fad.

The film’s sequel is expected to be similarly huge. In 2015, the news that production of Frozen II was kicking off was enough to cause a spike in Disney’s stock price. With the release of Frozen II‘s first trailer today (Feb. 13), expectations are running high—particularly among the key pre-K demographic.

Four-year-old correspondent Ada Pasick, on special assignment due to a teacher training day, agreed to offer her critical analysis of the trailer:

I see Elsa.

She looks like fear.

She’s taking off her clothes.

She ties her hair.

She’s in the ocean, she’s running.

She got washed away.

She’s running again.

She’s about to dive.

The ice is cracking! She got washed away.

There’s Anna and Kristoff and Sven.

Anna is feeling sad because her sister got washed away.

She’s climbing up a huge rock and jumping so she can be with her sister.

Then Elsa is with Olaf making her powers against the fire.

Elsa, Sven, Kristoff, Anna, and Olaf are looking at the beautiful sight.

A leaf is blowing around, so it’s autumn.

Kristoff, Elsa, and Anna are in the woods and Anna takes out the sword and goes YA!

Can I watch this movie right now?

[Editor’s note: Sorry kid, not until November.]