Who needs “Game of Thrones”? All the shows you can watch to fill the void

What’s next?
What’s next?
Image: HBO
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There’s a certain emptiness one feels at the conclusion of a series. Game of Thrones—which many viewers have been in a decade-long relationship with—is no exception, even if the universe roundly detested its final season.

The HBO fantasy-drama was the biggest show in television history, so it’s no surprise that the industry is gunning to replicate its success. In San Diego last weekend, Comic-Con 2019 provided tapas for TV fans with dozens of trailers for new prestige shows and fresh seasons of existing series.

It’s anyone’s bet if one of these shows will be “the next Game of Thrones,” but there are plenty (an overload, really) of options in the sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero genres vying to fill its nerd-shaped void. Here’s a sample of what debuted at Comic-Con:

If you’re a true fantasy-head and want a smooth transition from Game of Thrones

Carnival Row on Amazon, Aug. 30. Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne star in this show about a “Victorian fantasy world filled with mythological immigrant creatures, feared by humans.”

The Dark Crystal on Netflix, Aug. 30. The series, a prequel to Jim Henson’s beloved 1982 classic, features modernized animation and lifelike puppets.

His Dark Materials on HBO, release date TBD. This star-studded remake of Philip Pullman’s epic fantasy series takes place in an alternate universe; witches and warrior polar bears abound, and a clever young heroine takes center stage.

The Witcher on Netflix, release date TBD. This shiny adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s books stars Henry Cavil in a controversial wig.

If you love a superhero

Batwoman on The CW, Oct. 6. Ruby Rose is Kate Kane, aka Batwoman, a vigilante fighter and protector of Gotham city.

Watchmen on HBO, October 2019. Oscar-winner Regina King heads up this graphic novel adaptation, set in an alternate United States during the Cold War.

Harley Quinn on the DC Universe streaming service, TBD. The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco voices the comic book anti-hero in this upcoming adult cartoon.

If you’re a sucker for dystopia and sci-fi

Snowpiercer on TBS, spring 2020. This TV adaptation of the 2014 film sees Jennifer Connelly running a restrictive, class-based society living on a train on a now-frozen earth.

Westworld: Season 3 on HBO, sometime in 2020. This season’s human and robot characters will leave their Western-themed park for a World War II-esque world.

Star Trek: Picard on CBS, spring 2020. Patrick Stewart plays Jean Luc Picard in this latest addition to the Star Trek franchise.