What kinds of government documents was Trump holding at Mar-a-Lago?

The documents include briefings on other countries' policies and reports on US nuclear weaponry

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Former U.S. President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attends a campaign event in Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S., April 27, 2023.
Photo: Brian Snyder (Reuters)

Former US president Donald Trump was indicted on 37 counts in a classified documents probe, including a charge under the Espionage Act.

The documents that Trump held in his Mar-a-Lago Florida resort included briefings on other countriespolicies and reports regarding the US’ nuclear weaponry.


Here’s how the documents in question break down:

  • Six reports contain White House intelligence briefings on various foreign countries
  • Eight reports reference other countries’ military capabilities. Some of these reports also related to the military capabilities of the US.
  • Six reports concern the military activity of a foreign country
  • A June 2020 document discusses the nuclear capabilities of a foreign country
  • One report details a communication with a leader of another country, dated October 2018
  • There is an undated report concerning military attacks by a foreign country
  • Another undated document concerns US military contingency planning
  • A January 2020 document concerns the military options of a foreign country and its potential effects on US interests
  • A February 2020 document discusses policies in a foreign country
  • A December 2019 report concerns foreign country support of terrorist acts against US interests
  • A March 2020 document concerns military operations against US forces and other forces
  • An undated document concerns nuclear weaponry of the US
  • An undated document concerns the timeline and details of an attack in a foreign country