As one commenter noted, both gestures held that much more significance at a time when the US president is calling the media “the enemy of the people.”

Read the full letter from the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh to their industry colleagues in Los Angeles:

We know what it’s like.

The initial horrifying reports crackling over the scanner.

The mad scramble to verify information, the urgent need to separate fact from fiction, the drive and pressure to file.

It’s all hands on deck. It’s trying to wrap your arms around a monstrous story. It’s interview after interview with grieving families, friends, witnesses, first responders.

It’s grueling.

And through it all, we know that you, our brothers and sisters in the trenches, are putting yourselves last and the story first.

It’s what we do. What we all do. And now, sadly, it’s your turn to make sense of evil and tragedy.

But as you perform at the highest levels and make your colleagues, your city, your readers, your industry proud—proud by telling the stories only you can tell about yet another devastating explosion of gun violence, this time in your community—it’s also our turn.

Our turn to support you with a little bit of spiritual and material sustenance.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s newsroom is just getting back to normal after a gunman stormed a synagogue in our city on Oct. 27., killing 11 congregants inside and wounding six others, including four police officers. We know how hard you’re working, how physically and emotionally drained you are, how long it takes to reset.

With that in mind, please accept the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh’s treat of a meal to help keep you going as you continue doing what you do bets: Covering the story.

With solidarity, sorrow and empathy.

The Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh Local 38061

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