The 25 highest-paying internships in America, according to Glassdoor

Were the movie actors in “The Internship” paid this well?
Were the movie actors in “The Internship” paid this well?
Image: Twentieth Century Fox
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Gone are the days of fetching coffee and running errands, at least for some internships. The highest-paid interns in America earn more than double the wage rate of the average US worker, according to job-reviews site Glassdoor.

While the median income in the US is $43,400 (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ April 2019 report), Facebook interns are getting paid up to $8,000 per month, Glassdoor says, which would equal $96,000 a year.

Not surprisingly, positions at tech and finance companies dominate the list of the highest-paid internships. Along with hefty paychecks, these firms will often offer lucrative perks including free food, transportation, and housing. That said, these dream gigs are not easy to snag and often require high-level skills.

Glassdoor identified companies with the highest median monthly pay for internships in the US from March 1, 2018, to February 28, 2019. To be considered, the company needed at least 25 intern-reported salaries.

Unlike the 2017 list, this year’s ranking offers more of a range of companies, from consulting, automotive, and manufacturing firms as well as first-timers like Uber and Tesla, showing how a diverse set of industries are offering competitive wages to attract top intern talent.

Here’s Glassdoor’s 2019 list of the 25 highest-paying internships in the US, based on median monthly pay:

  1. Facebook $8,000
  2. Amazon $7,725
  3. Salesforce $7,667
  4. Google $7,500
  5. Microsoft $7,250
  6. Uber $7,167
  7. Bloomberg $7,000
  8. Capital One $7,000
  9. Apple $6,667
  10. Bank of America $5,833
  11. J.P. Morgan $5,667
  12. Goldman Sachs $5,367
  13. Viasat $5,333
  14. Visa $5,167
  15. Intel $5,000
  16. SAP $4,833
  17. EY $4,825
  18. Tesla $4,677
  19. Deloitte $4,677
  20. Cisco Systems $4,500
  21. PwC $4,500
  22. KPMG $4,500
  23. Genentech $4,500
  24. Dell $4,333
  25. Boeing $4,167