Now that all our clothes are stretchy, athleisure is moving on to bags, watches, and makeup

Athleisure’s got a brand new bag—like this one from Adidas and Japanese label Porter.
Athleisure’s got a brand new bag—like this one from Adidas and Japanese label Porter.
Image: adidas
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The invasion of all things stretchy and sports-inspired into everyday clothing has been one of the defining trends in fashion for the last several years. It isn’t stopping at clothing, though.

Bags, watches, and makeup are now taking their cues from sports and fitness as well as they search for sales.

A new report from market research provider Euromonitor finds that many retailers now have dedicated lines for sporty accessories specifically. At Baselworld, the big international watch and jewelry fare, traditional watch brands have been showing sports-inspired timepieces. And brands like Kate Spade and the UK label Accessorize even sell water bottles now.

These brands aren’t just riding a trend for lack of better ideas. They’re catering to real consumer demand that’s growing out of a broader shift in the way people dress. “The more casual and sport-inspired dress code keeps driving appetite for sport brands and sport-inspired bags, backpacks and even watches,” Euromonitor observed, noting that the sports brand Adidas “posted 9% growth within bags and luggage in 2016, nearly three times more than the category average.”

Given those numbers, it’s probably no coincidence that in May, Adidas launched a collaboration with popular Japanese bag label Porter.

Nike, meanwhile, has worked with Apple for a special edition of the Apple Watch, made specifically for runners.

The influence of athleisure and the active lifestyles driving it have exerted themselves in other ways beyond those documented in the Euromonitor report. Instagram and the broader trend toward social fitness mean women often want to maintain a certain look inside the gym, as well as before and after their workouts, leading to a growing demand for athleisure makeup. A number of beauty brands have been cashing in on the trend, including prominent beauty retailer Sephora, which curates lines of cosmetics for before and after a workout and has collaborated with beauty brand Tarte on an athleisure makeup line.

Euromonitor did note that some markets are displaying a bit of athleisure fatigue where clothing is concerned. But clearly there’s room elsewhere for the style to keep on growing.