The best part of iMessage is coming to Android phones

Messaging on the web.
Messaging on the web.
Image: Google
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One of the best features of messaging on Apple products is finally being replicated on Android.

Google announced June 18 that the latest version of its Android Messages app—the default messaging app on Android devices—will now support the ability to continue text conversations on the web. Much like iMessages on Apple iOS devices, Android owners will now be able to carry on their conversations from a computer or any other device with a web browser.

To set up web messaging, Android owners just need to have the latest version of the Messages app, then head to and follow the simple instructions.

Google introduced a few other new features for its messaging app, including the ability to use the “Smart Reply” automatic responses like those found on Gmail; GIF search built into the app; preview for links shared within a message; and automatically copying verification codes from texts. These all happen to be functions found in the iMessage app for years, or ones Apple announced at its developer conference earlier this month.

Sadly, however, Android owners will still have green bubbles when they text their friends with iOS devices. Hopefully people can learn to let go of the shame.