Welcome to the new version of QZ.com—faster, smarter, and ready for the future

These are screenshots of the website you are reading right now.
These are screenshots of the website you are reading right now.
Image: Quartz / Daniel Lee
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We just launched a brand-new version of QZ.com. Welcome!

The first thing we hope you notice about the new site is that it’s really fast. We’ve always put a focus on page speed and site performance, and are proud to report that this version is another huge leap forward in that effort. The stats we’ve been seeing ahead of today’s launch are very encouraging, but the best measure of performance is how the site feels to you—on your device, in your browser, with your internet connection—so poke around and see for yourself.

When you do, you’ll also notice that we have a fresh design: a new headline font, bolder visuals, and even cleaner presentations of our journalism and advertising than before. As always, our intention is to stay out of your way and let the content shine above all. Most of the core site features remain the same, so regular visitors shouldn’t feel lost on the new site. (But if you do, search works really well!)

This is the fifth full version of QZ.com in six years. 1 That unusually rapid rate of change is a deliberate part of our strategy to serve you better. It helps make product development more efficient, avoid technical debt, and quickly adopt new web technologies. It also keeps us true to what Kevin Delaney, our editor in chief, wrote on day one: ”We view the creation of Quartz as just the beginning of an ongoing process.”

Today’s new website unifies all of our editions—Quartz, Quartz India, Quartz Africa, Quartz at Work, and Quartzy—into one modern web application. 2 Our emails have a more prominent home in this new version, too. And you’ll find all of our best advertising products throughout the site, with the same user-first approach as always.

Collectively, the site represents all the myriad expressions of Quartz as a guide to the new global economy for people excited by change. 3 We’ve grown a lot since 2012. Check out our new about page for an overview of what Quartz is today.

There’s a lot more to the new site than we could enumerate here. Much of it, like our new infrastructure for data and testing, lies behind the scenes but will improve your experience of QZ.com over time. Overall, it’s a much smarter website than before.

Version five of QZ.com was designed by Daniel Lee and Elan Kiderman. Our user advocate, who solicits feedback on our products and ensures they work well for all of you, is Feli Sánchez. The site was built, under the leadership of Micah Ernst and Chris Zarate, by Joe Chagan, Yitz Jordan, Jihoon Kim, Hal Lee, James Shakespeare, Kenty Wang, and Jessica Wray. That amazing engineering team relies on the guidance of their project manager, Leslie Nguyen. Chris Saunders and Josh Young oversaw analytics for the new site, Sari Zeidler ensured it was optimized for audience growth, and Michael O’Brien managed the smooth delivery of our ads. And we would all be lost without the stewardship of product managers Kevin Kim, Emily Diamond, and Eva Scazzero. Thank you to the whole team for their fantastic work.

We happen to be launching this new website on the first official day under our new owner, Uzabase. The combination of our companies will undoubtedly lead to new offerings for Quartz users in the coming months and years and decades. We hope you will play a big part in that future. To start, please send any feedback on the new version of QZ.com to hi@qz.com. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.