Charted: how much more the new iPhones cost outside the US

Apple’s new iPhone XS comes in three metallic shades.
Apple’s new iPhone XS comes in three metallic shades.
Image: Apple
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On Sept. 12, Apple unveiled three new iPhones—and surprise!—they’re expensive. And if you’re outside the US, the phones are going to be even more costly.

While the Xs starts at $999 in the US, for instance, it starts at £999 (about $1,305) in the UK. The price differential is similarly huge in countries such as Germany, Italy, and Hungary, as Mashable points out.

Statista, using Bloomberg data, analyzed how much of a premium you’ll pay on each model in various countries versus its cost in the US. The numbers are based on the Sept. 13 exchange rate and look at the 256GB version of each phone:

Apple is offering a somewhat more affordable phone, of course, the Xr, which starts at $749. But you’ll have to make some concessions for that lower cost. It doesn’t have the same screen or camera quality as its siblings, for instance. The real next generation of iPhone is represented by the Xs and Xs Max.

The iPhone X introduced the era of the $1,000 phone. So far, it doesn’t seem that Apple intends to pull back on those high prices. The priciest of the new phones, the iPhone Xs Max, starts at a whopping $1,099.