The 286 products that escaped Trump’s tariffs

Disentangling trade.
Disentangling trade.
Image: Reuters/Venus Wu
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The White House has finalized how it plans to apply $200 billion tariffs on Chinese goods. On September 17, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced a revision to the preliminary list of 6,031 item categories subject to new US import taxes. Close to 300 of those product groups have been spared, according to a Quartz analysis of the preliminary and final lists.

Since the first announcement on July 10, the USTR heard some 6,000 public comments and 350 witness testimonies. Upon review, the USTR removed 286 product groups and excluded certain items from 11 categories.

The comparison provides insight into what products and industries were successful in protecting their foreign supplies. They included smartwatches and bluetooth gadgets, some raw materials for making chemicals, and health and safety products like bicycle helmets and child safety furniture, like high chairs.

Apple CEO Tim Cook dined with Trump at his New Jersey golf resort in August, and has been pushing back publicly against the tariffs.

The US fishing industry, depends on China’s factories for processing seafood. From Alaskan pollack, cod, to haddock, these small fry are protected by the revisions. Other major categories like salmon, crab, and tilapia were not relieved of tariffs. Gavin Gibbons a spokesman for the National Fisheries Institute, a trade association, doesn’t know why. “We have not been given any indication as to why some made it and some did not.”

Meanwhile, original artwork, engravings, statues, or any antiquity older than a hundred years old cleared the list as well. Auction houses, collectors, and museums were slated to feel the brunt of those.

Chinese-sold pesticides, yarn, and ibuprofen, are some more of the curiosities spared. Take a look through the list for yourself. And if you know why pig, human, and badger hair managed out of this trade war, let us know.