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Online fitness advice is notoriously bad.

But it’s hard to know who to trust, between anonymous bloggers on sites like Bodybuilding.com, popular exercise professionals promoting their own supplement lines, or Instagram influencers hawking detox teas. And while some bogus fitness products have been scientifically discredited, or recalled after testing by the US Food and Drug Administration, thousands more remain on the market. They capitalize on people looking for bigger results, faster.

It doesn’t help that misinformation in workout advice runs deeper than online videos or social media trends. Exercise science is dealing with a mess of widespread bogus statistics compounding the effects of a crisis happening throughout scientific research, that’s resulted in many published scientific papers reporting findings that don’t actually exist.

Watch the video above to learn how both influencers and scientists are working to fight rampant disinformation and help people get the fitness advice they need to get fit and stay healthy.

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