03 // PITCHING 24/7

Why pitching to investors doesn’t stop when you go public—it scales

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Aaron Levie dropped out of college in 2005 to co-found the file-storage company Box. Ten years later, Box went public; today, it serves 70% of the Fortune 500.

In this members-only series, Levie describes how his pitch strategy transformed from founding a company to meeting with private investors to going public.

In the first video, Levie shares the nontraditional places he found his first investors. In the second video, he breaks down key questions founders should answer in the pitches they make. In this final episode, Levie describes how going public changes communication with investors overnight—and what it means to pitch 24/7.

Members can also watch his full interview with Quartz editor in chief Kevin Delaney, as well as his thoughts on finding the optimal organizational structure for a business.