The next iPhone seems like it’s going to look pretty bizarre

Minimalism is a thing of the past.
Minimalism is a thing of the past.
Image: AP Photo/Richard Drew,
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Months away from the next Apple iPhone release, leaks suggest that whatever is around the corner may look a little…odd.

A raft of rumors have given the impression that the back of the next iPhone—likely to replace the iPhone Xs as Apple’s flagship smartphone—will feature three cameras. It’s a trend that’s befallen much of the industry, with major players all involved in an arms race to add ever-more cameras, presumably in hope of killing off the point-and-shoot camera once and for all.

Apple is reportedly looking to put three cameras and a flash on the back of its next phone. Instead of following the crowd, which has generally aligned the cameras and the flash in a single line, Apple appears to have chosen to arrange the cameras in a triangular shape, with the flash hanging out on the top.

There have also been multiple leaks of phone-case makers preparing cases with a big square box cut out on the back to accommodate for the giant camera module.

There’s no guarantee that this design is what Apple will end up releasing. There have also been rendered images circulating in which the camera module looks more like an elongated version of what can been found on the iPhone Xs. Apple wasn’t immediately available to comment on any of this.

If this is where Apple’s design team has decided to take the iPhone, perhaps it fits with the slightly more bizarre choices the company seems to be making these days. These initial leaks have drawn some ire (as does leaks often do), with Apple fans voicing design objections much like the ones that followed the recent release of the new Mac Pro. The $6,000-and-up computer has been compared to a “cheese grater” on wheels.