The company could use the help at the moment. Like many other footwear companies, it has taken a hit from Covid-19. Sales in its most recent quarter, which ended Nov. 30, were down 4% (pdf) compared to the same time last year. In 2019, the low-top Chuck Taylor was one of the top-selling shoes in the US by dollars sold in NPD’s data, but in 2020 it fell off the list after experiencing a sharp decline.

Lately, the brand has been receiving more attention because of Harris. After the Vogue cover, there was a spike in online interest (paywall) around Converse. On inauguration day, some Americans put on their Chucks to celebrate the moment the first woman—and first woman of color—became vice president.

The Smith family wear Converse sneakers in honor of Kamala Harris
The Converse-clad feet of the Smith family in Beverly Hills, Michigan, as they watched the inauguration on Jan. 20.
Image: Reuters/Emily Elconin

Whether or not the momentum lasts for Converse remains to be seen, especially since Harris is no longer on the campaign trail and may not be out wearing the shoes publicly as much. Many of her appearances are now in more formal settings, such as the Oval Office.

When she does wear her Chucks though, shoppers notice. “We talk about influencers and who can move the needle,” Powell says, “and it’s a politician who does it as opposed to some kid on TikTok.”

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