IKEA has created a desk that converts from sitting to standing via a simple button

He’ll get tired sooner or later.
He’ll get tired sooner or later.
Image: IKEA/YouTube screenshot
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By now, everyone probably knows that sitting all day at your desk can pose some health risks. And so the standing desk craze was born—promising hundreds of calories burned per day, and all kinds of miracle cures to boot.

With specialized standing desks costing well over $1,000, it’s not surprising that people soon figured out a hack to make a version on the cheap, using a table and a shelf from the Swedish furniture behemoth IKEA to cobble together a sturdy upright setup for around $30.

But even the most fervent standing desk proponents have pointed out that standing stationary all day, without sitting breaks, can cause some unpleasant side effects—meaning a standing-only desk isn’t ideal.

To address that problem, IKEA is now selling a desk designed to seamlessly switch between sitting and standing. The Bekant desk offers an affordable option (less than $500 for the base model) to people who want to avoid sitting all day but also don’t have the stamina or emotional resolve to emulate the Queen’s Guard at their desks.

Watch the Bekant in action:

There are a number of other standing desks on the market, but most are much more expensive than the Bekant or require manual adjustment. The Bekant adjusts between 22 and 48 inches, which should comfortably fit most human beings.

Soothing piano music sold separately.

Update: The Bekant sit/stand model has vanished from IKEA’s web site. The link for the Bekant desk redirects to IKEA’s general page for office furniture. This story will be updated again if IKEA responds to a request for comment.