2015: The year everyone at The New Yorker leaves for a tech startup

David Remnick
David Remnick
Image: Picador/Handout
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January: Sasha Frere-Jones leaves to annotate lyrics for Genius.

February: WebMD begins offering a service where you can have your illness diagnosed by Atul Gawande.

March: Roz Chast unveils her first Google Doodle.

April: Netflix replaces all film descriptions with new descriptions written by David Denby.

May: Janet Malcolm becomes longform editor at Twitter.

June: Jonathan Franzen debuts his new novel on a Seamless receipt.

July: James Surowiecki joins Clinkle as UNDISCLOSED POSITION.

August: John McPhee becomes an Uber driver and Roger Angell launches AngellList, an early-stage VC fund for startups focusing on memory and regret.

September: David Grann publishes a deeply-reported, 7,000 word description of a scarf on Etsy.

October: Jeffrey Toobin named Reddit mod of r/legaladvice.

November: David Remnick appears at Shingy’s doorstep, begging for an internship.

December: The New Yorker pivots to become a six-second video of a wiener dog twerking to a Beyoncé song.