Here’s how much money you made for Facebook last year

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Image: Reuters/Albert Gea
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Facebook brought in record revenue last year: $12.5 billion, up 58% from 2013. With almost 1.4 billion users at the end of the year, the average Facebook user generated almost $10 in revenue in 2014.

But the value of a Facebook user varies greatly by geography. Last year, for example, the average Facebook user in the US and Canada was worth about six times the amount as one in Asia. As Facebook explains, that’s because of “the size and maturity of those advertising markets as well as our greater sales presence and the number of payment methods that we make available to marketers and users.”

Facebook ARPU 2014

As Facebook grows, it is getting better at generating revenue from each of its users.

Facebook ARPU growth

And while the US and Canada represent Facebook’s most mature market, it’s still where Facebook was able to grow average revenue per user the most in 2014.

Facebook 2014 ARPU growth