A heroic Star Wars fan created a Millennium Falcon drone

Navigating the snowy planet Hoth.
Navigating the snowy planet Hoth.
Image: YouTube screenshot/Olivier C
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Ever dream of piloting the most famous spacecraft in science fiction? You can, but it will require some engineering savvy.

Yesterday, Reddit user Olivier-FR shared his Millennium Falcon quadcopter with the DIY subreddit. Its maiden voyage went swimmingly:

But then, in another flight, the spaceship crashed multiple times into a snowy field. It’s unknown what condition Han Solo and Chewbacca are in:

Quartz has been closely following all things Millennium Falcon-related, but this may be the coolest. Olivier-FR engineered both the quadcopter itself and its foam casing. Here’s how he built the casing and installed the LED lights, which really do make it look a lot like the real thing.

He said on Reddit that the quadcopter can normally fly up to 90 km per hour (60 miles per hour), but with the bulky foam shell, it can only go about 30 kph (19 mph). At that speed, it would take quite a long time to pull off the Kessel Run, an 18-parsec smuggling route that Han Solo could somehow cut short to less than 12.

All in all, it’s been a bounteous harvest for Star Wars DIY projects. In December, a Star Wars-themed Christmas light show captivated the internet. And just this week, a team of Japanese soldiers assembled an enormous snow sculpture of Darth Vader and a few Stormtroopers.

Olivier isn’t stopping with the Millennium Falcon. His said his next project is The Tie Fighter.