Europe is standing up for the Greeks, using this hashtag

This goes far beyond Syntagma Square.
This goes far beyond Syntagma Square.
Image: Reuters/Yannis Behrakis
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The Greeks are at it again. As Greece’s new finance minister Yanis Varoufakis is holding emergency talks with the Eurozone’s finance ministers in Brussels, Greeks are gathering in Sytagma Square and all over the country to show their support.

According to some journalists tweeting from the ground, the crowd’s size is bigger than the anti-austerity and pro-government gathering of Feb. 5, following the popular finance minister’s defiant reaction to the European Central Bank’s refusal to negotiate Greece’s debt.

This time, the Greeks are not alone. People all over Europe are following the debate—the Guardian reported that even in Brussels the interest in the meeting seems higher than usual—and crowds are gathering outside the German embassies in various European capitals, as well in Berlin, to show solidarity with the Greek.

People are posting pictures of the rallies, which were organized via social media using the hashtag #mazi (μαζί), which means “together” in Greek:

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