An Australian cattle dynasty is selling the largest land property on Earth for $325 million

Land that can fit a lot of cows.
Land that can fit a lot of cows.
Image: Reuters/Tim Wimborne
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An Australian family cattle business is selling the largest private stretch of real estate on Earth: grazing land that is more than 75% the size of England. The 23,000 square km (8,880 square mile) property is so big that prospective buyers will spend an entire week of flying around in a plane to view it.

As many as 30 bidders—other farming families, local and foreign investors, meat companies and global pension funds—are reportedly interested in the real estate, which includes a collection of cattle stations (otherwise known as cattle ranches) in southern Australia. The prospective buyers are from all around the world, though the as The Australian reports (paywall), local lawmakers are calling to ban the sale to any foreign governments or state-owned companies.

The company selling the land is S. Kidman and Co—no relation to Australian actress Nicole Kidman—and is the eighth-largest landholder in the world. The owners of a cattle herd of 185,000, S. Kidman produces about 1.3% of Australia’s beef, largely exporting livestock to Asia. China’s increasingly massive middle class is developing quite a taste for beef, much to the benefit of Australian ranchers.