Podcast: Why the most decadent luxury goods need the most ethical supply chains

The face of luxury.
The face of luxury.
Image: Reuters/Maxim Shemetov
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This Week, our podcast Actuality gorges itself on caviar to understand why the supply chain behind a luxury good is more important than ever. Also, a semi-aquatic, invasive rodent may solve the “fur is murder” problem. Plus, the market in gothic poultry.

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Our story on the Petrossian caviar business was inspired by Iran’s potential return of Iran to the global caviar market—which has a good chance of happening if a nuclear deal leads to the end of trade sanctions. We’re also joined by Jenni Avins, Quartz’s lifestyle reporter, who talks to us about ways to wear fur ethically; and Michael Massimi, who runs a program that tries to do just that.

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