Denmark has a clear message for refugees: Stay away

Wait, didn’t you see the newspaper ads?
Wait, didn’t you see the newspaper ads?
Image: Reuters/Dimitris Michalakis
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The migrant crisis has forced some European leaders to soften their stance on asylum. There have been a wave of commitments to take in more migrants from France and Britain, and Germany even said it was able take in around 500,000 refugees every year.

But Denmark is taking a different tack, letting refugees know they’re not wanted.

Denmark is promoting its new strict regulations on refugees by taking out several ads in the Lebanese newspapers As Safir, An Nahar, and The Daily Star. The ads are in 10 languages:

The ads warn that it would take a minimum of five years before permanent residency is granted and those who have temporary residency will not be able bring their families to Denmark. Refugees wishing to seek asylum and permanent residency will have to speak and understand the Danish language. The ad also details recent legislation that cut social benefits to new asylum seekers by 50%.

Denmark has become far less sympathetic to refugees since the general elections in June were won by a center-right coalition. The elections bolstered the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party, which is currently the second-biggest political party in parliament.

Integration minister Inger Stojberg first promised to run the ads in July and took to Facebook to defend them once they were published, the Local Denmark reported. “In light of the huge influx to Europe these days, there is good reason for us to tighten rules and get that effectively communicated,” she said.

It has targeted Lebanon, which currently hosts more than a million Syrian refugees.