North Korea announces a new special alcohol that will not give you hangovers

A time to celebrate.
A time to celebrate.
Image: Reuters/KCNA
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They say they’ve cured HIV. They’ve apparently annihilated Ebola. And now, North Korea has eliminated the hangover.

North Korea’s state-owned newspaper the Pyongyang Times claims that researchers in the country have developed a ginseng-based liquor that will get you drunk, but not hungover. The news was reported by NK News, a website that closely monitors North Korea.

The Pyongyang Times article, titled “Liquor wins quality medal for preserving national smack,” declares that researchers at the Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory removed hangovers from the equation by replacing the sugar in the liquor with “scorched, glutinous rice.” This rice—described as “suave”—was approved by experts, according to the article. (The Pyongyang Times is printed in English.)

Ginseng is popular in both North and South Korea for its alleged medicinal properties.

Hangover-free alcohol is just the latest in a long line of extraordinary feats reported by North Korea’s state-owned media. Former supreme leader Kim Jong-Il, who died in 2011, was reported to have invented the hamburger, and shot the greatest round of golf in human history.