Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—North Korea’s missile, Albright’s scolding, Johnny Cash tarantulas

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What to watch for today

21st Century Fox reports earnings​. Rupert Murdoch’s media and entertainment company is expected to report a decline in profits, but a rise in revenue. To cut $250 million from its overhead, the company has said it plans to offer voluntary employee buyouts.

Candidates hit the home stretch in New Hampshire. With one day left before the state’s presidential primary on Tuesday, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, the two GOP frontrunners, face rising pressure from the rest of the field. As for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton continues to trail Bernie Sanders in the polls.

​India hears a testimony on terror​. David Headley, a Pakistani-American member of the Lashkar terrorist organization, will be deposed by a special court in Mumbai. Since 2010, when Headley was convicted in the US for his role in the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, he’s become a witness for the prosecution.

​The reviewer gets reviewed​. Yelp Inc. will release its fourth-quarter earnings for 2015 today. Analysts expect an increase in revenue, aided by growth in SeatMe, Yelp’s online reservation service.

Over the Weekend

North Korea fired a rocket. The missile launched Sunday morning may have violated Japanese airspace, and has prompted the UN Security Council to threaten fresh sanctions. A US defense official says the missile did not appear to pose a threat to the US or its allies. 

Feminist icons slam female Sanders supporters. Madeleine Albright, the first female US secretary of state, and Gloria Steinem, the feminist leader, scolded young women for supporting Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

#RIPTwitter put to rest. BuzzFeed reported on Friday that Twitter may switch from its standard chronological feed to one ordered by an algorithm, not unlike Facebook. However, CEO Jack Dorsey said in a tweet on Saturday that the company has no such plans (at least not this week).

GOP governors attacked Rubio and Trump. In a Republican presidential candidate debate in New Hampshire on Saturday night, New Jersey governor Chris Christie lit into Marco Rubio, throwing the smooth-talking senator from Florida off his game. Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, got the better of Donald Trump.

More troops may head to Syria. A United Arab Emirates official said on Sunday that the country is ready to send soldiers to Syria to fight ISIL as part of an international coalition. Saudi Arabia issued a similar statement on Thursday.

Quartz obsession interlude

Kate Groetzinger on all-you-can-fly subscription services: ”You’d have to be a relatively heavy-duty domestic US traveler for OneGo’s roughly $36,000 in annual charges to represent a cost-savings. The idea is that those who join OneGo will, ‘just naturally fly more,’ Paulius Grigas, its founder and CEO, told Mashable. ‘With all-you-can-eat kind of services, people eat more,’ he said.”  Read more here.

Matters of debate

Superman was at his best when he was an immigrant driven by truth and justice. But since he’s become an all-powerful member of the establishment, he’s gotten boring.

The furor over Susan Sarandon’s Screen Actors Guild award outfit was Victorian. Her outfit was the perfect choice for the occasion.

We’re not going to give Trevor Noah time to grow. With the loss of Jon Stewart finally sinking in, viewers won’t wait for his replacement to catch up.

Ted Cruz has been underestimated. He’s far craftier and more devious than we’ve realized.

Surprising discoveries

Rom Coms are dangerous for women. Persistent men may be funny on screen, but they can lead women to ignore stalking in real life.

Johnny Cash lives. A newly discovered species of tarantula has been named after the late, great country singer.

Henry VIII suffered a NFL-style head injury. Yale researchers think brain trauma from a jousting accident caused his erratic behavior.

A robot taught itself how to mix drinks. It learned how to make a cocktail simply by watching humans.

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