You can have your own low-price Tesla right now and it’s made of Legos

A model electric vehicle.
A model electric vehicle.
Image: Lego Ideas/Craig Froehle
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Tesla fans who can’t afford to drop $75,000 and up on the company’s Model S electric car rejoiced last week at the unveiling of the $35,000 Model 3, Tesla’s most affordable vehicle to date, which is expected to hit the road in 2017. But with lines stretching out Tesla stores around the world just to reserve one, and CEO Elon Musk admitting that he’s having to rethink how the company plans to produce the quarter-million cars people have reserved, it might be a long while before they become available to the masses.

Now, impatient fans—and those who don’t have $75,000 to spare—are in luck: There’s a Tesla Model S available for the price of a box of Legos.

Unfortunately, that’s because it’s also made of Legos.

Lego enthusiast Craig Froehle uploaded a version of the Model S that he built out of Lego bricks to Lego’s community design repository, Lego Ideas, which Electrek first spotted. The one-sixteenth scale model comes complete with a little Tesla badge on the front, and many of the modern conveniences found in the full-size car. It has reclining seats, a working sunroof, a fold-out child seat, and much like the original Model S, it doesn’t require fossil fuels to run—although it was almost certainly made out of them.

As with all products on Lego Ideas, if Froehle’s design receives 10,000 supporters, Lego will review the design to potentially create a version to sell in stores. The design only had a few dozen votes at the time of writing, so it might just be quicker to buy yourself some grey Lego bricks, follow Froehle’s instructions, and build your own. It’ll be only slightly less time-consuming than waiting in line for a real Tesla.