The most-loved phone in the US is not an iPhone

Apple, take Note.
Apple, take Note.
Image: Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji
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There’s a theory being bandied around that Apple is boring now, but according to a new report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), people are most satisfied by Apple phones over any other brand.

The ACSI’s annual Telecommunications Report, released June 1, found from a survey of US phone owners that Apple just beat out Samsung for the top spot in terms of user satisfaction.

It’s pretty much a two-way battle at the top between Apple and Samsung, with nearly every other major manufacturer producing less satisfying phones in 2016, according to the ACSI survey. But when it comes to individual phone models, Samsung is pretty much dominating. The company produced six out of the 10 most satisfying phones in 2016, with its Galaxy Note 5 phablet taking the top spot.

The Galaxy Note line of phones was originally brushed off by the tech media when it was launched in 2011, but has since gone on to sell millions of units. Apple’s most-liked phone, the iPhone 6S Plus, is also its largest, which many saw as a concession to the fact that larger phones like Samsung’s were selling so well.

Perhaps whenever Apple launches its next iPhone redesign, it’ll also come with a stylus, memory cards slots, and a litany of gimmicky apps that aren’t particularly helpful.