Your taste in music can now really screw up the chances of a date

As if you weren’t already doing that on your own.
As if you weren’t already doing that on your own.
Image: Reuters/Jonathan Alcorn
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Tinder, that tried-and-trusted bastion of awkwardness and discomfort, is getting all the more personal. The dating app will now let users add their favorite song to their profile.

A new partnership between Tinder and music streaming service Spotify allows you to “broadcast your personal anthem from your Tinder profile”—even if you don’t have a Spotify account. Users can choose to display their favorite artists and songs to one another, as well as highlight one particular track on their profile that “defines” them as a person.

Spotify forged a similar partnership with rival dating app Bumble earlier this summer.

It’s smart strategy for the streaming service. Tinder alone purportedly has 50 million active users, offering enormous promotional opportunities for Spotify. (The streaming service’s paid tier just hit 40 million subscribers, but it’s also duking it out in the digital music market right now with aggressive competitors like Apple Music.) The ability to add songs to one’s profile falls in line with other quirky features that’ve been rolled out on Tinder in the past.

To users themselves—Spotify’s music integration could be a smooth new conversation-starter. But also just another way to go miserably awry.