Joss Whedon’s moving new ad is an artful reminder that voting can be powerful and heroic

An important question.
An important question.
Image: Screen shot via Youtube
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These days, the director of The Avengers is after a new kind of hero: voters. Since mid-September, Joss Whedan has been releasing a series of ads reminding Americans of the importance of participating in the democratic process, and asking them to “Save the Day”—i.e. get to their polling place on election day.

Save the Day, incidentally, is also the name of the independent, Clinton-supporting production company started by Whedon to produce the ads, and encourage voting. As of Oct. 26, the group had put together 10 different ad spots, most of which feature celebrities reminding disenfranchised voters to go to the polls. The latest, though, titled Verdict, stands out in highlighting what’s at stake on Nov. 8.

The video follows a group of Spanish-speaking immigrants as they go about their daily life on election day: A 4am start followed by long hours as a maid, in a corner store, or on a food truck. In the background, a radio broadcasts comments on the low voter turnout.

Towards the end of the video, the featured players gather—outside, in their homes—to hear the results of the vote. And as a voices announces the new president, a young immigrant girl asks her father, “Papi, can we stay?”

While the ad doesn’t mention Donald Trump or feature his voice (as other Save the Day ads have), it is powerful reminder of how important this election will be and how voters have the power to decide what kind of country they want, for themselves and for the lives of millions of immigrants who risk being deported should Trump win.