These office cubicles are being sucked into a small hole

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Cubicles are the epitome of mundane work life. But watching an entire office get pulled into a tiny hole can be fascinating. It’s the latest installation from American artist Jonathan Schipper at Rice Gallery in Houston (on view until Dec. 4).

Schipper tied almost every object in the office to a piece of string: computers, potted plants, filing cabinets, even the cubicle dividers. The cables can handle anywhere from 150 to 500 pounds. Over two months, a machine behind the wall will slowly pull the network of strings through the hole.

“As it’s pulled together all these objects that are spread across this big room are going to condense into a new object that is totally unimagined and unknown,” he said.

Schipper has explored time-based kinetic art before. He’s done a variation of his current Cubicle installation with an ordinary living room. Another earlier installation showed a slow motion car crash over six days. In each of the three pieces, the changing relationship of physical objects to each other over time creates an entirely new piece at the end.

Watch our video to see Schipper’s cubicles get sucked into the hole.