People are having second thoughts about taking Uber

Or just an old-fashioned yellow cab.
Or just an old-fashioned yellow cab.
Image: Reuters/Brendan McDermid
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Americans really are fed up with Uber.

Just 13.9% of US consumers say they’d consider Uber the next time they needed transportation, according to “purchase consideration” data compiled for Quartz by YouGov BrandIndex, a market research firm. That’s down from Uber’s recent high of 18.3% in November 2016. YouGov BrandIndex surveys 4,800 people in the US each weekday to track public perception of more than 1,500 brands.

Uber competitor Lyft, meanwhile, has surged in YouGov’s ranking. As of April 5, 9.6% of US consumers said they would consider Lyft the next time they needed transportation, up from 5.6% in September 2016 (the earliest data point that YouGov provided to Quartz). The 10-point lead Uber once had on Lyft in purchase consideration has been sliced in half.

Notably, according to YouGov’s data, Uber’s decline began in November, and not in January after #deleteUber started trending, or in February following allegations of sexual harassment by a former Uber engineer. Judging from the gentle downward trend, Uber’s fall from favor is likely tied to changes it made to its app’s privacy settings in November. Uber began amassing one-star reviews in the iOS app store around that time, with many reviewers complaining that the revamped app requested continuous access to location tracking services, not just when it was in use.

On the other hand, YouGov’s data is also just another indication that the sum of Uber’s misfortunes is great for Lyft.