The Spotify of music festivals—a new $799 pass to almost a hundred across the world—can be yours

Louder now.
Louder now.
Image: Jack Plunkett/Invision/AP
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Are you heartbroken that Fyre Festival never came to fruition? Was Coachella so very enchanting that you want to experience it 90 more times this year?

An answer of yes to either of those means Live Nation’s new Festival Passport is surely for you. According to the massive live-events company, the offering is a ”revolutionary experience”: a $799 pass that will get you general admission into almost every music festival put on by Live Nation for the rest of 2017—even if it’s already sold out. The 90 festivals span 15 countries and include major ones such as Leeds, Bonnaroo, Governors Ball, and Lollapalooza. The passes, of which there are only 1,000, will go on sale Monday (May 22) at 10am Pacific Time.

“Nothing like this has ever been done before,” Live Nation said in a press release. “It’s truly the Willy Wonka golden ticket for festival fans,” subtly hinting to journalists what their angle should be.

While the Festival Passport is, from a ticket-price perspective, a steal—general admission to a single music festival typically runs $50-200 per person—it does not include housing or transportation to any of the events it covers. And given that the festivals are all at random points across the globe, it’s unlikely fans will be able to attend more than a handful, making the pass more of a marketing stunt than a real bargain. But the fact that music festivals have grown so absurdly popular that buffet-style passes are being given out—well, that speaks to itself.

The festivals included are listed below.