Resolutions Chipotle wants from Sweetgreen

Broadly, Chipotle, which is seeking a jury trial, wants a handful of remedies:

🤔 One, for Sweetgreen and each of its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, and more from aiding, abetting, or acting in concert there with, to refrain from using the mark Chipotle, or any other similar one, in connection with the promotion of its restaurant services, sale, or offer of sale of prepared food items.


🛑 Chipotle also asked for Sweetgreen to be barred from “otherwise competing unfairly or committing any acts likely to confuse the public into believing that Sweetgreen or any of Sweetgreen’s products are associated, affiliated, or sponsored by Chipotle or are authorized by Chipotle, in whole or in part, in any way.“

💰 Chipotle is seeking monetary compensation. Most notably, Sweetgreen should “account for and pay to Chipotle any and all profits Sweetgreen has received by its conduct alleged herein,” and include “any and all damages and losses” Chipotle faced as a result of Sweetgreen’s conduct, among other things like covering Chipotle’s attorney fees.


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